ERA Proposition 1 is not about Equal Rights or Abortion Rights

Find out what it really means to women’s rights and rights of parents

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Lisa OKeefe, and I am running for NYS Assembly. I am a candidate with a proven track record of leadership, service, and a genuine passion for making a difference.

I ask for your support as together we embark on a new chapter in the great state of New York. I am a proud American, but more importantly, as a concerned citizen for the 123rd District, who believes in the power of the people. I am not a career politician – I am one of you, and I am here to be your voice.

For far too long, our beloved state has been burdened by the heavy weight of excessive taxes and growing uncertainty. We find ourselves feeling unheard or silenced in our concerns. We find ourselves feeling worse off now than we did five years ago in many aspects including our safety and our need to address the concerns of all citizens and pull all out of the poverty level to a sustainable growth and prosperity. Our communities deserve better; and that’s why I am stepping forward to represent you in the New York State Assembly.

I understand the struggles that families, businesses, and individuals face in our neighborhoods. The rising cost of living and the burden of high taxes have taken a toll on our ability to thrive and succeed. This is unacceptable and will change under my leadership. I know how to keep the programs and services we need without raising our taxes. Your money should be used smartly. I will help to reduce the taxes by reducing waste and exacting legislation that gets rid of the problems that cause our increased taxes in the first place – problems such as the Assembly voting to increase their pay raise to a level that makes them the highest paid State legislature in the nation – the second highest is California and they are $42,000 less a year. This has to be turned around. State legislators should be in office not to become rich but because of service before self – a need to make a positive difference for the people in their community.

Our communities don’t feel safe and secure as they did in the past because of the soft on crime legislation which works against the great efforts of our police force. Every citizen should be able to walk the streets without fear, and every family should have confidence that their homes are protected. I am committed to working with law enforcement and community leaders to implement comprehensive strategies that ensure our neighborhoods are safe havens for all.

Prosperity isn’t just about economic success – it’s about fostering an environment where families can flourish, businesses can expand, and dreams can become reality. As your representative, I will champion policies that encourage innovation and job creation. By cutting bureaucratic red tape and supporting local businesses, we can create a thriving ecosystem that generates opportunities for all.

These are just a couple of issues facing NYS that I will tackle head on. And in the coming months you will be afforded a deep dive into my plan to make this happen once I am elected. But for now, perhaps the one issue that is most important that I highlighted above is that I will help restore you sense of trust and solidarity with the government. I am here to listen. I am not a career politician, but I will be a public servant who believes that our government should be accountable to the people it serves. I am committed to holding regular town hall meetings, engaging in open dialogues, and truly understanding the concerns of my constituents. Your voices will guide my decisions, and your priorities will shape my actions. As someone who has had a career in the not-for-profit sector, media, and education I know directly how important it is to make all conversations interactive and to listen to the needs of the people in the room and how it can broaden to be a service to all in this community.

I promise you when elected every dollar I fight for and every bill I introduce will be to help this area – not downstate. My job will be to make this area, and this area alone, thrive again – so once more we can be called the Valley of Opportunity.

Fellow New Yorkers, the path ahead will be challenging, but with your support and our shared determination, we can bring about the change that our state deserves. I am here to represent you, to lower taxes, to make our communities safer, and to create an environment where prosperity is attainable for all. I know I can do this as I have done it before as a former elected official who only ran for one term because I saw the need for change. I am confident that when I present to you the deep dive solutions into the issues facing us you will demand a positive change as well.

Thank you for believing in this vision, and thank you for entrusting me with the responsibility of being your voice in the New York State Assembly. Together, we can build a brighter future for ourselves, our children, and the generations to come.

Categories of Expertise


Project Management

President (Project Operations Manager), Science-A-Peel, Inc. 501c3 public charity to promote science through weekly Cablevision shows, events and websites, traveling exhibits, and animated interactive learning web resources

Project Manager, Proposed Charter School
Utilizing the PRINCE2 framework Project Management approach I am responsible for planning, initializing, directing and closing the project’s initial short-term goals.

Business Owner/Director/Partner

Its Viral Media produces the magazine Informed Upstate New York as well as other related media ventures. This magazine focuses on issues and legislation affecting you in NYS as well as giving a positive holistic view of this area. Through this venture, I am planning several events to promote the 123rd District including a Helium balloon parade to honor our veterans

Former Co-Owner, My Town magazine –  wrote stories about our seniors and veterans, and Spotlight stories and sold ads. I also created and conducted the highly successful Winter Window Wonderland in Johnson City. As the magazine is non-political it was best for me to step back from my involvement so as to keep with the magazine’s mission statement.

Former President, American Maid. Instrumental in starting and building this company until it was eventually sold


  • Adjunct Professor, College of Westchester
  • Teacher South Huntington Union Free School District
  • Advisor, Walt Whitman Forensic Speech and Debate Club
  • Teacher, Roslyn Union Free School District
  • Adjunct Professor, Broome Community College


  • Representative 15th District, Stamford Connecticut
  • Delegate to US Gubernatorial Convention
  • NYS Senate Session Assistant


  • WICZ-TV Binghamton – Director, Assistant Producer, Reporter, Camera Operator
  • WKFM radio Syracuse, NY market – DJ and Continuity Director
  • WWE- Producer
  • Gartner Group – Multimedia Producer for their worldwide symposiums
  • Producer and director for several freelance projects