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Lisa OKeefe
Candidate, NYS Assembly 123

April 3, 2024


Nearly 4 times the number of conservative signatures needed for the Conservative line has been submitted in support of Lisa OKeefe for NYS Assembly123

Today, Nicole Crowley, a registered Conservative, proudly accompanied Lisa OKeefe to submit the signatures she received in support of Lisa OKeefe for NYS Assembly. “Each signature represents a voice and we hear them clearly. The voters want a change and they support Lisa OKeefe to bring the positive change we all deserve” stated Nicole Crowley.

Lisa OKeefe is running for the NYS Assembly 123rd District. Submitting the questionnaire to the Conservative Party and submitting the signatures was an important step on Lisa OKeefe’s journey to represent the values and aspirations of our community. Surrounded by a wave of enthusiasm and unwavering support, Lisa OKeefe, took a bold step forward, propelled by the voices of countless individuals who believe in her vision for a brighter future.

In a stirring display of unity and solidarity, support from all walks of life joined hands to champion Lisa OKeefe’s cause. From dedicated volunteers pounding the pavement to enthusiastic endorsers rallying behind her message, the outpouring of encouragement has been nothing short of inspiring. This overwhelming support serves as a testament to Lisa OKeefe’s unwavering commitment to serving the needs of the community and fostering a spirit of collaboration and progress.

“This moment is not just about me – it’s about giving a voice to all in this community – it is about all of us coming together to create positive change,” OKeefe remarked. “I am deeply humbled and grateful for the faith and trust placed in me by the members of the community. Together, we will forge ahead with determination and optimism, fueled by the belief that our collective efforts can truly make a difference.”

OKeefe has a heartfelt gratitude to each and every individual who has lent their voice to this movement. With passion as our compass and unity as our strength, OKeefe stands poised to lead with integrity and compassion, ensuring that the hopes and dreams of our community are not only heard but also realized.

For media inquires or further information please contact her Campaign Manager,

Nicole Crowley at