ERA Proposition 1 is not about Equal Rights or Abortion Rights

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Lisa OKeefe

For NYS Assembly District 123

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March 6, 2024

Press Conference

Lisa OKeefe gave a press conference today to give a voice to those whose voices have been silenced and their 1st Amendment Constitutional Right and their right to fully participate in a democratic electoral process has been restricted. The people she talks about are our seniors and those with physical disabilities.

Soft on Crime laws are a huge mistake!

Soft on Crime laws are a huge mistake!

Press release:   Title: OKEEFE SPEAKES OUT Focus: Soft on Crime Legislation   Press Release For Immediate Release The assault on police officers in New York City by illegal immigrants a few days ago is one more reminder that soft-on-crime legislation such as the ticket and release laws do not work – they do not make us safer – in fact,...

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The Right To Know Act may prove to be a BIG HELP in NYS showing a drop in violent crimes not because it actually reduces crime BUT because this law scares people away from testifying or even reporting a crime.

Economics 101

those in our state legislator only seem to be  more concerned about special interest laws then the wants and interest of the people. I promise you that when I am in office I am going to go through that budget…

The No Bail Reform Laws are hitting the wrong cord for NYS!

The Office of Court Administration found that many of the defendants got rearrested while their cases were pending.



Where is the support for NYS businesses?

Businesses and families always continue to take great strides to improve this area financially but have they gotten enough support?

Lisa OKeefe is running for the NYS Assembly the 123rd district.  Lisa talks about why the people of NYS feel a lack of solidarity with the government


Lisa OKeefe’s position on NO BAIL Reform

Crime is a topic that affects every one of us… and crime is on track to be the worst in American history!

No Bail reform is ineffective legislation


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